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  • Thought Bubble ‘22 Thoughts

    I have an uneasy relationship with ‘comic-cons’. my love of comics is well established – as long as I’ve been able to read I’ve read comics in one form or another – from Rupert the Bear to The Beano to Roy of the Rovers to The Eagle to 2000AD to Marvel, DC, Image and all […]

  • Presentations post-Covid?

    Presentations post-Covid?

    Since I gave a version of one of my talks via MS Team a couple of weeks ago I’ve been thinking about how that classic, narrative lecture, slide heavy presentation will work in a world where large physical group gatherings become rare and are replaced by more and more online events. Partly spurred because nobody […]

  • Friday talks offer.

    Friday talks offer.

    I wasn’t going to do any public speaking this year. I had decided to take a break after a pretty stressful 2019 (ha – remember 2019 – doesn’t seem so bad now!) where giving talks became a bit of a contributor to my anxiety. Anyway circumstances have changed a little 😉 So yesterday afternoon I […]

  • Web(inar) of Words

    Once upon a time I was pretty determined to run an event called the ‘Web of Words’ about blogging, newsletters and working in the open. I did a bunch of work but then I got ill, changed jobs, had a bout of anxiety issues and decided to shelve things. Now I’m wondering whether that given […]

  • The Internet of Public Service – a talk at #revolutionconf

    1. Like Zach mentioned I’m Matt – Jukesie to just about everyone – and I work at the Office for National Statistics. For a change though this talk isn’t about that – this is something a bit different and well to be honest you are my guinea pigs…a quick bit of housekeeping. First up I […]