Friday talks offer.

I wasn’t going to do any public speaking this year. I had decided to take a break after a pretty stressful 2019 (ha – remember 2019 – doesn’t seem so bad now!) where giving talks became a bit of a contributor to my anxiety. Anyway circumstances have changed a little 😉

So yesterday afternoon I gave a little talk based on my ‘grumpy agile‘ post and the presentation Ann and I gave at Agile in the City: Bristol in November to the digital team at the Food Standards Agency using Microsoft Teams. It seemed to go OK – I find the format a bit hard – sharing slides and then it feels like you are speaking to yourself a bit – something I am doing quite enough at the moment to be honest! But it was nice to chat a bit to different people and I figure learning how to present in this way is going to become more and more important.

So anyway I thought I’d see if anyone else was interested in an opinionated Bristolian joining their Teams, Zoom, Hangouts – whatever – team meetings and doing a little talk.

I’m thinking of basically blocking 14:00 – 16:00 on Fridays from after next weeks bank holiday for the remainder of this lockdown life (even the inevitable lockdown-lite that will follow it). My work schedule means I don’t do client work on Fridays at the moment and I don’t have any 1-2-1s or company meetings in the afternoon until our POETS catch-up at 16:30 so I reckon I could do it if anyone is interested. The talks are about 30 minutes ish – and I can hang around for a bit to do a bit of Q&A – say a max of 45 mins?

I have talks ready-ish about –>

  • Grumpy agile
  • Hacking hiring
  • Working in the open
  • Blogging
  • ‘Digital’ culture

I’m thinking about doing something about digital generalists and inevitably…stickers.

..also I have short talks about Adidas trainers, my obsession with graffiti, British superheroes and why I love the Beastie Boys 🙂

So anyway if you think your team(s) might be interested in one of those talks on some upcoming Friday just email me or DM me on Twitter.


2 responses to “Friday talks offer.”

  1. Thanks for talking with the FSA Digital Team Jukesie. Great food for thought on what matters in agile delivery. Hopefully we can get you back in future for another one.
    Cheers, Paul
    Interim Head of Digital Team, Food Standards Agency

  2. […] Since I gave a version of one of my talks via MS Team a couple of weeks ago I’ve been thinking about how that classic, narrative lecture, slide heavy presentation will work in a world where large physical group gatherings become rare and are replaced by more and more online events. Partly spurred because nobody took me up on my offer. […]

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