Have just been spending a bit of time playing with a couple of new(ish) features for Tumblr that make it an evening more amazing product and certainly making it a major contender with WordPress for the casual blogger.

The Submit (I think this has been available for a while) and new Ask features add some much needed interactivity to the platform (there is also the new Notes feature but not sure about that if I’m honest!) and it is nice to just to be add things from the Dashboard instead of fiddling with the code like you have to to frequently to embed Disqus comments.

The Ask feature in particular is going to make Tumblr a very interesting place I think – the way it publishes answers as posts is very smooth and it going to lead to a swarm of niche Q and A sites I think – especially with the ease of getting a unique domain on Tumblr. It is almost like they are trying to become the perfect platform for building a web brand the Gary Vee way!

I mainly use Tumblr as the home for my more off-topic ramblings – my Quiet Night In site isn’t the sort of place I’m looking to answer questions so I have set up a new site to handle the inkling of an idea that has been rattling around in my head for a while about what to do about the dormant West of Interesting concept and also whether I could do something cool with Newspaper Club. Anyway the idea is detailed over there so have a look if you are interested!