[JISC] Weeknote 3/33

This week I spent some time pulling information together to update NJ about the technical side of the UKOER project and JorumOpen – this inevitably led to me reading more about it myself and jotting down new ideas. Later in the week the proposal from CETIS around new technical OER projects was given the nod by the powers that be so interesting times ahead.

There was a bit of time trawling through the inevitable email buildup over the weekend including sorting some stuff for the JISC conference and following up on some conversations from Dev8D.

I also ended up dealing with a little bit of fall-out from my not entirely positive post about Linked Data but it was pretty mild.

Spent an unhealthy amount of time working creating on online survey using BOS – I then decided it was wrong and deleted it. Wonderful. Need to get back to that next week but this time I have sketched it out properly in advance so it should work better.

I wrote only my second blogpost for the team blog this week – I really should be doing more but am slightly struggling to find my ‘JISC’ voice this time around as far as writing is concerned. That said I was pleased with the post and I started thinking about another.

Had my usual pile of marking to do this week as well – something more communications focused this time which is a little more in my comfort zone so quite enjoyed that. I also had a couple of other meetings this week about comms activity. Sometimes it feels a little ‘Groundhog Day’ as I’m sure I was in the same meetings three years ago but to be fair things have moved on a great deal and some issues are probably too complicated to ever really get resolved.

Had my head buried in writing an ITT as well – though that is slow going despite using a previous example as a template. Never did enjoy that aspect of the work but I think I’ll be able to turn that around sharpish next week.

Speaking of next week we have *another* team meeting (seems like the last one was only days ago…oh thats because it was!) but it is at least in Bristol. I am also attending an event at the OU in Milton Keynes about Digital Scholarship which I am very much looking forward to. Then Friday I am back in London to meet with one of my projects to discuss their future plans and how they fit in to some of the wider JISC aims. Should be a good week.

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