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  • When you are tired of London..

    …you are just knackered I am not #weeknoting anymore — honest. This is more akin to a holiday blogpost — minus the holiday. I have been in London for 12 nights basically. The longest I have ever stayed in the city — in fact I think 4 nights was the previous record. As I sit here writing this I am pretty […]

  • Seven: Magnificent

    This is basically a quick overview of my year in lieu of any actual #weeknotes — I only did two days in Taunton and half a day in Swansea before getting ‘white boy wasted’ at the first Christmas do and needing all day yesterday to recover. As well as these highlights, milestones and moments I also completed […]

  • Seven: Pounds

    Doing 35 posts in 32 days has rather wiped out my blogging mojo — the tank is empty at the moment. That said it has been an exciting week one way or another so I wanted to quickly capture things just so I don’t lose track. Some things that happened We (our company — well our ‘group’) floated on the […]

  • Seven: Ages of man

    The Old Age — Robert Smirke Not much to report this week. I’ve been totally laid low by a chest infection and a supporting act of a common cold. The combination has managed to totally flatten me — honestly I couldn’t tell you if I moved at all on Monday or Tuesday — certainly not without wheezing and coughing. Not much makes […]

  • Seven: Hills

    A lot of this week felt like I was dragging myself up St Michaels Hill (a somewhat steep hill in Bristol for those who don’t know.) Partly this is because I am a bit under the weather, partly it is that I am running out of steam at the end of a good but hectic […]