Seven: Magnificent

This is basically a quick overview of my year in lieu of any actual #weeknotes — I only did two days in Taunton and half a day in Swansea before getting ‘white boy wasted’ at the first Christmas do and needing all day yesterday to recover.

As well as these highlights, milestones and moments I also completed 40 books (hopefully a couple more before the end of the year), wrote 125 blogposts, saw 15 movies at the cinema and somehow managed to not put any weight back on since I reached my goal of losing four stone despite living away from home for the best part of nine months.

As years go this one was OK.


Finished at mySociety

Visited the Barbican for the Basquiat exhibition at the third attempt

Attended OneTeamGov unconference in Cardiff


Joined Notbinary and started at DVLA in Swansea

It snowed…a lot.


Spoke at Service Design in Government in Edinburgh

Turned 45


Spoke at Design Swansea

Spoke at Agile Cambridge


Travelled to Vancouver / Seattle /Portland

Flew in a seaplane

Spent a long time at MoPOP

Stayed in a ‘tiny house’ in Portland

Met Dan Hon

Started at BBC with the Datalab team in London


Saw Beyonce and Jay-Z concert in Cardiff with Laura

Had a #weeknotes meet-up in Westminster

Flew to Wellington, NZ — for a week and spoke at Delib’s Practical Democracy meet-up

Was in the BBC office three hours after landing after a 27 hour trip.


England were pretty good at the World Cup

St Pauls Carnival

OneTeamGov Global unconference


Spoke at NUX in Leeds


Mainly complained about the heat I think


Spoke at SwanseaCon

Went to ThoughtBubble in Leeds

Citizen Beta — the ONS reunion edition


Went to Mapcamp in Shoreditch

Spoke at the joint Delib/Weeknotes meetup in Bristol

Finished at the BBC

Went to New York for ‘AllTechIsHuman’ conference

Pitched to DfE in Sheffield the day I got back from New York

Started at UKHO

Did ‘Question Time’ event at Bath Digital Festival

Hit 700 subscribers on my newsletter.


Was broken by the commuting nightmare to Taunton when they closed Bristol Parkway station

Wrote 32 blogposts in 30 days

Sent my 100th jobs newsletter


Notbinary (well The Panoply) floated

Notbinary Swansea Christmas party

Notbinary ‘away day’ at the Shard (this is in the future — next Friday)

Not going to lie — I’m tired. Four working days left of 2018.

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