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  • Seven: Magnificent

    This is basically a quick overview of my year in lieu of any actual #weeknotes — I only did two days in Taunton and half a day in Swansea before getting ‘white boy wasted’ at the first Christmas do and needing all day yesterday to recover. As well as these highlights, milestones and moments I also completed […]

  • 2018 Ambitions — check-in

    I set these ambitions on January 1st and thought I would check in and see where I am with them. 2018 is shaping up pretty well. New job has been good and the recent time at the BBC great. My health continues to be good (touch wood). I’ve had some amazing travel experiences and am […]

  • Vancouver → Seattle → Portland May 2018

    #holidaynotes This is Day 14 of my holiday to the ‘Pacific Northwest’ and I’m pretty worn out to be honest. The trip was a reward to myself for hitting my first major health milestone after my Diabetes diagnosis last year and honestly it has been a wonderful break. For the first time I can remember […]

  • How to Hotel..?

    My new job means working away from home during the week in a mix of hotels, serviced apartments and AirBnBs depending on the week (for the immediate future at least — depending on how things shake out I might find a longer term solution.) Anyway given how hard I have worked to get my physical health moving […]

  • 2018 ambitions

    Here are my personal goals for 2018 and I’m going to try and measure/track them again just to see how I’m getting on. Hopefully I’ll give myself a better grade for 2018 than I did for 2017! Nothing too hard this time hopefully — also nothing about public speaking either. I’m leaning towards taking a year off […]