2018 Ambitions — check-in

I set these ambitions on January 1st and thought I would check in and see where I am with them.

2018 is shaping up pretty well. New job has been good and the recent time at the BBC great. My health continues to be good (touch wood). I’ve had some amazing travel experiences and am generally in a great mood. Not just because England are winning.

Lose 20lbs.

14lbs lost — I have decided for now to just maintain this and have managed that for 6 weeks now (it means I lost 4 stone altogether since last August).

Complete the 100 Pushups challenge.

Got as far as 40 pushups in one go. Haven’t done it in a while though intend to get back to it. Considering the Couch 2 5K thing as well — maybe.

Take up Yoga (or maybe Pilates — whichever has less of the ‘affirmations’ etc) and do at least one session a week (even if at home.)

Got nowhere with this really. Been away from home so much it has been hard — but maybe that is just an excuse,

50 editions of my jobs newsletter with a target of 700 subscribers.

Not quite on target for the editions I think. 25 sent out this year. I’ll probably be short of subscribers — up to 554 at the moment (I do have 100+ regular readers of the Medium post as well though.)

40 editions of a new weekly newsletter / blog to replace my #weeknotes*.

I did this for 10 weeks. I really enjoyed it but it was too much work in the end — maybe I’ll find a format that works.

Go to at least 6 evening meet-ups.

I might be close to this. I did a couple at Design Swansea, a tech one their as well, the #weeknotes social, a talk in Cambridge and maybe something else? I’m doing an event in Leeds at the end of the month as well.

Travel to the Pacific Northwest in May (Vancouver → Seattle → Portland → Eugene by train).

Did this as planned — it was amazing.

Also had an unexpected trip to New Zealand.

Travel to Malaysia** in December.

Probably not going to do this one now — I’m leaning towards Japan actually.

Read (or listen to) 50 books***.

24 books so far. About a week behind at the moment but have turned back to one of my favourite crime writers for some easy reads for a couple of weeks.

Some kind of drawing challenge (tbd)

Didn’t really get going on this but have an idea of designing all my own Christmas cards — bespoke ones for everyone I send to (which isn’t that long a list but is probably a couple of months work and I’ll need to sort printing etc..)

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