2018 ambitions

Here are my personal goals for 2018 and I’m going to try and measure/track them again just to see how I’m getting on. Hopefully I’ll give myself a better grade for 2018 than I did for 2017!

Nothing too hard this time hopefully — also nothing about public speaking either. I’m leaning towards taking a year off from doing talks to be honest.

Lose 20lbs.

Complete the 100 Pushups challenge.

Take up Yoga (or maybe Pilates — whichever has less of the ‘affirmations’ etc) and do at least one session a week (even if at home.)

50 editions of my jobs newsletter with a target of 700 subscribers.

40 editions of a new weekly newsletter / blog to replace my #weeknotes*.

Go to at least 6 evening meet-ups.

Travel to the Pacific Northwest in May (Vancouver → Seattle → Portland → Eugene by train).

Travel to Malaysia** in December.

Read (or listen to) 50 books***.

Some kind of drawing challenge (tbd)

*format to be decided but a mix of links, thoughts, reviews and mini interviews — basically merging all my previous attempts at formats 🙂

**subject to change as I don’t know about rainy seasons etc but Asia in December is the broader goal.

***this is my initial reading list (though I’ve already bought one new book since writing this.)

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