Seven: of Nine

This is my ninth blogpost in nine days for #NaBloPoMo. I have another nine already written and scheduled. An additional nine are vaguely planned and sketched out if only in my imagination. I might just do this. Commuting was even worse Monday and Tuesday. So much so that I have now bitten the bullet and…… Continue reading Seven: of Nine

Seven: Endless

The EndlessThis week has mainly been defined by my endless whining about my commute. Bristol Parkway and Filton Abbey Wood stations are currently closed which means my already 90 minute each way to Taunton trip is now a little over two hours each way — assuming nothing goes wrong (it did). This has left me a bit…… Continue reading Seven: Endless

Seven: Up

Here we are again. Season 7. Has any show ever been good at this point? Suggestions on a post-card (or comment). I’m a bit fried to be be honest — it has been a slightly crazy few days. Good but crazy. I was in New York for a few days (I attended a great event which I…… Continue reading Seven: Up


ˈkəʊdə/ My week in random pics I finished at the BBC Datalab today. I was there five months-ish and it was the most I have enjoyed a role since the peak of my time at ONS. A combination of a great team, interesting mission, nice working environment, good leadership plus my continued improved health led to…… Continue reading coda