[JISC] Weeknote 3/33

This week I spent some time pulling information together to update NJ about the technical side of the UKOER project and JorumOpen – this inevitably led to me reading more about it myself and jotting down new ideas. Later in the week the proposal from CETIS around new technical OER projects was given the nod…… Continue reading [JISC] Weeknote 3/33

[JISC] Weeknote 2/33

Bit of a strange meeting/event dominated week. Was in London more than is probably healthy for a Brizzle boy like me. Main task on Monday was following through with contacting some of my projects to talk them through closing down the projects and what JISC expects from the final paperwork. This highlighted a bit of…… Continue reading [JISC] Weeknote 2/33

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