[JISC] Weeknote 2/33

Bit of a strange meeting/event dominated week. Was in London more than is probably healthy for a Brizzle boy like me.

Main task on Monday was following through with contacting some of my projects to talk them through closing down the projects and what JISC expects from the final paperwork. This highlighted a bit of a problem with some of our internal information management that took a little bit of sorting out but all in all was pretty painless.

Tuesday I attended the Repositories in the Cloud event at the amazing Magic Circle HQ in London. This was a very useful day for me as I’m increasingly aware that while I’m pretty knowledgeable about the open web in general terms with it comes to some of the specifics of things like digital repositories I can be a bit out of my comfort zone as they have evolved into something slightly out of step with the rest of the web it seems to me sometimes while sharing certain common aspects. Learning more about the direction of ePrints, DuraSpace and Zentity really helped me get a much clearer picture in my mind of the landscape and the fact it was all discussed in the context of the [buzzword alert] Cloud gave me an ‘in’ to the discussions that I understood. I’ve already written about my favourite takeaway from the event.

Wednesday was back in Bristol and my focus was once again on the technical aspects of UKOER – I think the work we are commissioning in this area is really important and will have an international impact in this space. I really enjoy this little corner of JISCland and really hope to stay involved in this area in the future.

I also found myself distracted a little by tracking the Twitter activity about the LinkedData event co-hosted with Dev8D. I have mixed feeling about LinkedData and hopefully I’ll articulate why that is in a blogpost soon but I enjoyed following the buzz around the event and following links to increasing numbers of real world examples [heres a video of Tom Heath from Talis talking about the event].

Thursday (and Saturday morning) was all about Dev8D – a brilliant event aimed at increasing ‘developer happiness’. I won’t go into much detail as Millie and Michelle have done a great job covering the event over on the blog but some of the highlights for me were the 3D Printer (Makers made real), the all action receipt printer (especially when it was printing MP expenses), attending some of the expert talks (especially enjoyed Steves talk about developers communicating with ‘mortals’ and the founder of Twapperkeeper John O’Brien talking about his brilliant web service and the new version around the corner.) Also as always at these events it was wonderful to meet Twitter contacts face-to-face for the first time and catch up with old friends.

The wifi creaked a bit (another example of why I think the eventgineering idea is a winner!) but the food was lovely, the attendees were happy and engaged and the ideas were flowing. Congrats to all involved.

Friday was our team meeting. This was less fun.

Next week is all in Bristol (I think). Time to catchup with alot of things and spend some time on a couple of activities that haven’t been getting enough attention from me lately. I’m also the opening speaker at the first Ignite in Bristol on Thursday so I guess that will be a day of panic and stress.

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