Weeknotes S3e01

This is going to be my third go at doing personal, public weeknotes. I did it at Jisc and at ONS for six or seven months (before I switched to doing team notes on the work blog).

This week I started my new job at the Environment Agency. Though I am working on a Defra (their parent Department) wide initiative.

I was hired as a Delivery Manager but will, as ever, end up being product management and people focused really. Job title to be decided.

I am based in the lovely Horizon House in central Bristol (eco-friendly and canteen does a lovely sausage sarnie) but will be doing a fair bit of time in London and on the road (loads of interesting teams to visit all over the country.)

If things aren’t altogether clear it does look like fun.

I am part of a small but brilliant team tasked with ‘enabling digital transformation’ (already a TLA) alongside Colin, Maggie, Emily, Rick, Dom and as of next week Sarah with Sally as benevolent dictator.

Not surprisingly given the experience and quality of the people involved the team has quickly developed good behaviours and a positive culture — though there is a bit too much Giphy action for my tastes 😉 I’ve been able to get up to speed quickly — the familiarity of the tools doesn’t hurt (the Trello, Slack, GDrive dance with a bit of Yammer to mix it up).

There is a familiarity in the more mundane technologies as well — though not sure if that is reassuring or not. Expenses, booking trains/hotels, email/calendars etc is all the same as ONS give or take. Has meant the learning curve flattened out more than usual though.

The biggest thing to get my head around has been the hot-desking and clear desk policy — this is pretty alien to me — I like a desk nest! Even if I am not sat there that much. I’m sure it’ll be fine but it is going to take some getting used to.

I’m leaving for work a little later and getting in 30 minutes earlier than my best day at Newport and getting home more than an hour earlier — it has been a little disorientating this week to be honest — between Newport (and Swindon before) it has been a long time since I was regularly home before 7.30.

I’m looking forward to getting properly down to it next week — there is plenty to do and at least some of it I can probably contribute to!

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