Seven: Ages of man

The Old Age — Robert Smirke

Not much to report this week. I’ve been totally laid low by a chest infection and a supporting act of a common cold. The combination has managed to totally flatten me — honestly I couldn’t tell you if I moved at all on Monday or Tuesday — certainly not without wheezing and coughing.

Not much makes me feel older than a chest infection — it is like a window into my future!

So what have I done?

Well I drew out some ideas for stickers →

I’ve also written a blogpost (scheduled for some time next week — I have totally lost track…so many posts!) about what they all mean to me and I’ll do a little vote to see which ideas people like best and I’ll pay someone to design them properly and get them printed up as a Chrimbo gift for folks.

I bought my first ever ‘proper’ camera — it isn’t that fancy really but it is currently beyond me! To be honest I bought it for 2 reasons (1) it was on sale and (2) I liked how old school it looked. Was almost a fluke it turns out to be pretty decent. I mean how much camera do I need to take pictures of walls.

I reached and surpassed my target of 700 subscribers for my newsletter this week. Which is doubly cool as Sunday is the 100th edition. Pretty proud of that as it still feels like such a niche thing.

My blogpost about Pair Presenting went down much better than I expected. 22 people have now done the ‘This is how I work…give or take’ blogpost — every one of which has been really interesting. It is funny how everyone went deep on the background question — I rather skipped ahead on that one!

I suggested that it might be useful to have a list of digital gov/civic tech/tech for good/public service internet (bloody hell we just love a term for these factions don’t we!) conferences so Alex set something up only for Alex Parsons to point us at — I suspect there is room for both. I currently have this vague idea of doing a trip in May 2019 to do both OneTeamGov in Victoria, BC and the Code for America Summit in Oakland, CA with various stops along the way to meet people doing stuff I might find interesting to blog about.

Stumbled upon this TV show ‘Brockmire’ — it is about the darkest and funniest thing I have ever seen. Honestly it made me laugh so hard while feeling more than a bit guilty at laughing!

The new She-Ra cartoon on Netflix is a bit of a triumph — going to try and get my niece into it!

Health permitting next week should be a good one — David Carboni is joining me in Taunton to work his magic with the engineering teams, I’ve had a lot of time to (over) think about my proposals for the next phase of our engagement as well and think I have a much clearer idea now and the trains are running properly again!

Onwards (slowly — I’m still wheezing!)

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