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Last week my Crackberry shuffled off this mortal coil after hanging on in deep intensive care for a couple of weeks. This was a sad day. Not because it left me phoneless – it was actually pretty simple to dig up another handset – even if it was a 5 year old Nokia – but because it left me ‘smart’ phone less 😦

Using my phone to check my email, Twitter and Facebook (yes I still use Facebook – sorry!) has become invaluable to me – whereas the Google Map functionality is now something that the thought of traveling without fills me with fear.

It is a while before I am due an upgrade and I didn’t have insurance so I need to stump up for a new phone. Buying a sim-free handset is financially out-of-reach at the moment – if not I’d just buy a Nexus One and be done with it. The Pay As You Go options are horrible – only the T-Mobile Pulse seems to have any merit for less than 200 quid – it is at least running Android but it looks a bit brittle and I am hard on phones (also it seems there is going to be a new ‘mini Pulse’ in April running more recent software and priced at about £100 which if I could wait that long would be of interest).

I *really* like the look of the Motorola Milestone but an attempt to buy it on a T-Mobile contract through Expansys led to a request for more personal information that I gave to my mortgage company (see the email below!). This has kind of put me off moving networks if I’m honest.

So if I was to stick with Vodafone what are my options? Well alot of Crackberries – they are crossed off immediately after the issues with my last two. The HTC Tattoo – another ‘budget’ Android phone that doesn’t look like it would survive a weekend in my pocket. The Nokia N900 – OK I like the look of this phone. In fact it is less a phone and more a really small, Linux netbook that just happens to make calls. I am sorely tempted to give it a shot – it looks bullet proof and I like the keyboard. The only problem though is a lack of native apps – particularly for Twitter it seems. I managed to get by with UberTwitter on the Crackberry but was always jealous of the better apps on Android or the iPhone.

Ah, the iPhone. The elephant in the room. At the moment as far as applications and user experience is concerned it is miles ahead of everything except the NexusOne and it is available on Vodafone and I could get it by the weekend. The thing is I really do begrudge how closed it is. One of the reasons I prefer OSX over Windows is the amount of free/open software is available – the fact that the iPhone shuts this down does piss me off a little. That said my resistance is weakening. I’ve had an iPod touch for a while so I am familiar with the interface and many of the apps and as I don’t really go in for taking pictures the camera doesn’t bother me. I also seem to get on better with iTunes than most people I know.

OK so the choice is go renegade and get the N900 and make do with less apps but the potential for so interesting things happening on the open platform (plus actually use a proper keyboard) OR become a sheep and go for the iPhone – revel in the user experience and available apps but struggle with the touch screen keyboard and moan about the lack of openness.

Decisions, decisions!


• Do you have an existing account*(Excluding Pre-Pay) with T-Mobile:
Yes/No If Yes, what is your existing mobile number: *(Please note you
cannot transfer an existing T-Mobile number to the new contract)

• Itemised billing required (£1.50) Yes/ No:

• Residential details:

Title: (i.e. Mr/Mrs/Miss/Dr):
Telephone No (Must Be Landline):
D.O.B. (dd/mm/yyyy):
Marital Status:
Current Address:

Time at Address: year’s months

Previous Address (if less than three years):

Time at Previous Address:

Residential Status (i.e. Homeowner / Tenant):

Time with Employer:

Bank Account No:
Bank Sort Code:
Bank Name:
Time with Bank:

*********************** Proof of ID **************************

Also required are two photocopies of identification – please fax or
post these back.

1.) Proof of Signature:
Full UK driving license, provisional UK driving license, passport,
credit card, debit card (ex Solo & Electron), military ID card, and
police warrant card

2.) Proof of Address:
Any utility bill, landline telephone bill*, bank or building society
statement, credit card/debit card/store card statement (dated in last
3 months)

*Please note mobile phone bills are not accepted by the network.