[JISC] Weeknote 4/33

This week seems to have flown by but like they say “time flies when you are having fun..” and for the most part this week was really good – which is something of a surprise as it didn’t look like it would be on paper.

A good chunk of Monday was spent contributing to a couple of draft ITTs and briefing documents that are doing the rounds within the team. The ITT I was working on previously has been put on hold for the time being as it looks like it might be superseded by some other activity. Contributing ideas and thoughts to other peoples work is always much more fun as you can just splurge ideas and leave it to someone else to make something coherent out of it!

Tuesday was catchup day. I am finding that I am struggling a bit lately to keep up with email – I’ve always managed to keep up in the past despite the constant flow but it has been a problem recently and I am going to have to think of a new strategy to cope. I think the amount of time I am on the road is the heart of the problem and I don’t really have the tools (in my opinion) to work online in a useful manner on the train. My laptop isn’t suited to it, the 3G connection nor our email is reliable enough and I always seem to be on busy trains with little room to move let alone work. I usually use the time to catch up on reading the piles of reports that seem to cross my desk every week and to hand write notes for future activity.

I spent Wednesday at the very interesting Digital Scholarship event at the OU in Milton Keynes. I have already blogged my thoughts on the day over at my work blog but just to say I got a great deal out of the day and I find this whole area of work extremely interesting. Unfortunately it only slightly crosses over with my current portfolio so while I’ll continue to keep an eye on things i doubt I’ll have any direct involvement before my time with JISC ends.

Thursday we had a team meeting. After the last one I can’t say I was hugely looking forward to this but it was very good. I learned a lot and we have some constructive but challenging conversations. We have had some organisational tweaks recently and these team meetings are going to become more important so I hope this started a trend.

Today I was in London discussing the future plans of one of my major projects. They have had some resourcing issues for a while but are getting close to a full compliment and have some really quite exciting plans for the coming months. Much of what they have in mind is very much aligned with my interests and skillset so I am hoping to get a little more involved than perhaps is the norm for Programme Managers.

Next week will mark my half-way point in my contract and will mean I have been back at JISC 6 months – seems like only yesterday I escaped Coventry and returned..