A ‘Data Driven’ Bathcamp

So I have volunteered (read been roped in by Mike) to curate the upcoming Bathcamp evening. For reasons I am not quite sure about given my own leanings away from the topic I decided to try and put on an evening based around the idea of a ‘Web of Data’.

Thankfully my Twitter stream has a number of experts in this area and a few of them are locals so I was able to get a couple of great speakers lined up quite quickly and am hoping to confirm at least one more in the near future. I’d really like to get someone from a more mash-up sensibility to come along – and would especially love someone from Bristol Streets to speak – I’ve emailed via the contact form but if anyone knows anyone involved give me a shout.

**Updated 24/3/2010 12:18 – Toby Lewis the guy behind Bristol Streets got in touch and has agreed to speak at the event. Really pleased.**

The following is my blurb to publicise the evening – I’m also going to take the opportunity to pimp the recent JISC Linked Data report that Paul Miller wrote and the JISC Expo call as well.


Back in 2006 (was it really that ago!) Tom Coates, ex of Up My Street, the BBC and more recently of Fire Eagle and Yahoo, gave a presentation at a handful of events called ‘Native to a Web of Data‘ that seemed to show a way to bridge the gap between the distinct worlds of the Social and Semantic Web(s).

Now in 2010 this is rapidly becoming the reality of the web and the rise of things like the open data movement in the public sector and the availability of location data due to ever ‘smarter’ phones is only fueling this change.

Tonight’s speakers are working to make this Web of Data a reality:

Leigh Dodds – Leigh was the CTO of Ingenta where he was responsible for the ongoing development of their publishing platform based on Semantic Web technologies. Leigh is now at Talis as Programme Manager for the Talis Platform.

Leigh has been developing with Java, XML, and Semantic Web technologies for a number of years and has released several small open source applications and APIs. He has also contributed code and documentation to several open source projects.

Libby Miller – Libby was co-creator of the FOAF project, and has worked on Semantic Web query languages, prototypes and data modelling. She helped build the Semantic Web and FOAF communities through formal and informal means, including via an EU project, which she co-wrote and co-ran.

Recently she worked for the online TV startup Joost and is now working on the pan-European project NoTube which is using semantic technologies, for personalised creation, distribution and consumption of TV content.