[JISC] Weeknote 9/33

It is Sunday afternoon and the sun is actually shining for a change so I’ll have to make this update a short one.

Monday and Tuesday were dominated by the JISC Conference which I have already written about. Just to reiterate I thought it was great and probably the best of the seven I have attended.

Wednesday I was back in London for a meeting about doing some interesting work around analytics and statistics about JISC projects. This is a bit of an experimental idea but I think if it works well in this ‘beta’ project it has the potential to be something very important for JISC in the future. Plus I think we’ll get some decent infographics out of it!

The rest of the week was less structured but I spent a late night working on a WordPress event website on Thursday – think I was still fiddling with plug-ins and content past midnight in the end. I also spent some time arranging a ‘facilitated workshop’ that we are having as a team in an effort to better articulate some high level messages and themes about our work (which is something we really struggle with.) I’m waiting for confirmation but I think I have an interesting day and venue sorted out. Started to realise that I need to understand ePrints better than I do before I make the changes to our instance I promised to do so that is something for next week. Did some research about sustainable venues in London for another event in July and did some reading to prepare for the coming week which includes another two events in London and a very interesting meeting in Cardiff.