[JISC] Weeknote 10/33

Monday was spent at the Repositories and the Open Web event in London. Phil has written up a report from the day so I won’t duplicate that but it was an interesting day – particularly as it demonstrated that within the Learning/OER materials part of our community the focus was much more on solving the problems (e.g. manage, share, organise, reuse) rather than just discussing the merits (or not) of particular technologies to achieve an end. There was also a pleasing focus on the end-user which (in my experience) seems to get glossed over sometimes in the rush to deal with internal management issues.

Tuesday morning I was at the final meeting for the UKOER programme. This programme has been a real success and has spawned a sequel which I will be a bit more involved with in the early stages so I was just there to get a flavor of the group really. I would have liked to stay longer and be more involved but a couple of other pieces of work were flirting with meltdown Monday evening and Tuesday morning so I had to rush back to Bristol and get my hands dirty with WordPress again and also take an unexpected Skype call with a project.

Wednesday I had a very useful meeting discussing getting one of our technical working groups that includes JISC plus publishers and librarians going again. I think the next meeting (the first in some time) will be good as there are some interesting topics that need discussing and some potentially fun (well to me) projects to come out of those talks.

Nothing very interesting happened Thursday but I did get to tick quite a few things off from my To-Do list in Gmail tasks which was nice. I booked a couple of really nice venues for upcoming meetings and events that should (I hope) help get people to look at things a bit differently. I have also got a great meeting facilitator lined up for one workshop who I think will really challenge people.

Friday I had a meeting that was slightly different than I expected and took me a little while to tune into but I think it was useful. It certainly got a different bit of my brain working than I was maybe expecting.

Next week I am pretty much meeting free and Bristol based – can’t remember the last time that was true – going to burn through my to-do list!