Shall We DEACTivate?

The Digital Economy Act is now a reality and is likely to remain so whoever wins the election (despite the fact the LibDems have pledged to repeal it) so rather than just moan about it on Twitter and join another Facebook group I thought it might be good to try and do something a bit more practical.

So inspired by the plans of Ben O’Steen and the site I have been thinking that it would be good to run a one-day event that is a mix of talks and workshops based on the topics on the ‘How can I avoid my ISP or others spying on my Internet traffic?‘ section of – like it says this information is not provided to facilitate people engaging in copyright infringement but to give people the tools to protect their online communications.

If possible I’d also really like to get someone from the Open Rights Group or the Pirate Party to come along and speak a bit about the more political/legal angles of the Act but I don’t really know anyone involved in those groups based in the area – if anyone does know of anyone please get in touch.

My former colleague and Chair of Bristol Wireless Pete Ferne has pitched the idea on the BW and related mailing lists and there seems to be some support and the few people I’ve mentioned the idea to seem to find it interesting so I’m trying to gauge interest a bit more widely before pushing ahead.

The most likely venue would be Hamilton House in Stokes Croft – which should hopefully also be central enough to encourage some of the Bathcampers to attend as well. I guess we’d run it on a Saturday as well as there is probably too much to cover for an evening session.

So the question is do people think it is a good idea? If so please let me know in the comments or via Twitter and I’ll get it sorted.

Oh and I have purchased ‘cos I do love a ‘clever’ domain 🙂

6 thoughts on “Shall We DEACTivate?”

  1. sounds like a great idea to me, although being stuck on a farm it isn’t likely I can attend or contribute but I do admire your initiative. Just thought I would let you know.
    I guess you are right, they won’t repeal it now, simply because they don’t understand the implications of it. I can count on one hand the number of MPs who get IT.

  2. I’m a Sheffield-based digital rights activist and Open Rights Group volunteer. I’m writing just such a talk at the moment for Geek-up Sheffield. I’ll make the slides available – however I think it would be great to be able to run a(n) (un)conference around this. If you’re planning it to be on a weekend, and I’m not otherwise engaged, I’d be happy to come down to Bristol to give a talk or run a session in person.

    You might find more people who would be willing to help or take part on the ORG-discuss mailing list. Floating the idea would be on-topic there and I know at least one active list-member is Bristol-based. I also know a few PPUK activists subscribe to the list.

    It might also be worth seeing if any local Coadec members want to get involved:

  3. Richard

    Thanks for the info – I did know something was happening up in Shef as I follow the GIST stuff and know Jag and Ian.

    I’ll float something on the ORG list as soon as I have a slightly better idea re where and when and I’ll be sure to keep you informed – it would be great if you were able to come down (it will almost certainly happen on a Saturday)..


  4. Yo Jukesie, count me in… Tech help that is, not speaking… 🙂
    This sounds ace mate and I’d love to come along to listen and learn, so I can help record/stream if I’m going to be there…
    Let me know what’s needed and I’ll help sort it…

  5. Cheers H – thinking recording rather than streaming so this one and pretty low tech at that – want it to be much more Q and A /workshop than just people giving talks – so while I’m sure I’ll find something for you to do(!) you can mainly just come along and relax and take it in..

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