[JISC] Weeknote 11/33

So last week I was 1/3 of the way through this little experiment with weeknotes. The main thing that happened was that I realised that I was in danger of completely losing the plot as far as managing my work load. One of the defining elements of life as a JISC Programme Manager is that some of the tasks are nebulous at best and with so much else going on it can be hard to really get a handle on them and I had the realisation that I’d got in to a routine of just focusing on more solid, achievable tasks rather than the bigger stuff (I am at heart a project manager after all I guess..).

Anyway in a rather unusual move for me I actually decided to talk to my manager about my worries rather than just struggling on and entirely frakking things up. This helped alot and I was able to come away with something a bit more structured as a workplan to get me back on track for the immediate future.

I didn’t really do anything exciting this week but did lay the foundations for some interesting work in the coming weeks so ended the week feeling alot better than I expected.

I didn’t work on Thursday as I had an interesting meeting about something else in Birmingham – not sure whether I can blog about that yet but hopefully I will sometime next week.

Anyway it was a good, constructive week and on a non-work front it looks like DEACTivate is a goer so that should keep me out of trouble..