[JISC] Weeknote 12/33

Short week again due to the Bank Holiday plus Friday was a little blurry due to getting sucked in to the election coverage til far too late (and early).

Spent alot of this week thinking, talking and writing about ‘synthesis’…..now I have long since given up trying to define what the hell we mean by ‘synthesis’ but I am starting to get some interesting work commissioned off the back of the rather vague concept.  It should be a nice mix of clever digital stuff, a couple of high profile events, some more academic outputs as well as putting into place some processes to make this all seem a little less arduous for whoever gets this task next time.

I also had a couple of really interesting conversations – one about an internal IT/Knowledge Management project that I had more than my share to say about due to my (not always positive) experience of working on that sort of thing at JISC in the past.  The other was with a consultant who is going to facilitate a meeting we have coming up and it was good to have a pretty in depth conversation about what we do and what we are trying to achieve with someone who was coming at it from a different angle.

I realise that these weeknotes are a bit vague at the moment but as I have broken down my day-to-day work down into smaller, actionable tasks at the moment I find it harder to write about them without getting too specific (and I always wanted to avoid that..)  There are some big things coming up later in May and throughout June though so things should pick back up.