[JISC] Weeknote 13/33

God this felt like a long week! Have just tracked through my email a bit as I’m struggling a bit remember the beginning of the week.

I know I spent some time arranging to get some publicity for a report we commissioned via some USA based partners – I’ve been a bit slow in making the most of this really interesting output but I think a combination of upcoming blogpost, podcast with the author, news item on our website and, fingers crossed, a speaking slot at a prominent event should redress the balance. I also think I’m going to give JISCPress a go to see whether a commentable version of the report gets any traction.

I also spent far too much of my time arranging meetings. Between locking down venues and wrangling people it seems that this dominates my working week at times. In fact the whole issue with meetings is a bit of a theme this week.

Fiddling with the Survive or Thrive website has also been a constant background task. The agenda remains a little bit too ‘draft’ for me to be comfortable at this point if I’m honest. Still it looks like a very interesting event as I said on Monday and I’m looking forward to my role in the ‘amplification’ of the conference on the day(s).

Wednesday I had a meeting to discuss the large-scale evaluation project of our work we are undertaking with outside support. This was a good opportunity to spend some time trying to articulate how things fit together across the pretty expansive field of work my team undertakes. I found it very useful although I’m not sure whether I was too helpful to the evaluator I was speaking to as I still have a somewhat ‘outsider’ mentality to the work of the team (though not JISC) and am pretty sure I see things quite differently than many of my colleagues.

Thursday we had a team meeting. This started well despite two of the team ending with a detour to Wales 🙂 The morning was a good, structured discussion that I thought most of the team benefitted from. Unfortunately the afternoon was a session I was supposed to lead and it got away from me almost immediately and became a very different conversation than I wanted/needed and I failed totally to get it back on track. Luckily enough I was rescued post-meeting by the intervention of my immediate boss and that meant I did come away with a win of sorts but it was a pretty disappointing afternoon. I am usually pretty good in meetings despite my general dislike of them but I constantly struggle with them in my current team – something about the structure, the personalities and the topics mean I just don’t get a handle on things in a way I used to. It is something I need to resolve – especially if there is a chance of me hanging around beyond my current contract. I do feel a blog rant on meetings in general coming soon though.

Friday I got my head back into an OER space and wrote some notes down. I’m looking forward to the UKOER Phase 2 work and I’m hoping I get to play a more prominent role in it – especially in the collections/aggregation side of things as well as the communications stuff. I have ideas for another couple of blogposts in this area and really enjoy learning more about this stuff in a way that I probably haven’t since the early days of the social web.