[JISC] Weeknote 18/33

Started this week getting told off by medical professionals of various ilks and being poked by needles so it was a bit of disheartening kick off!

Over the course of the week I have uploaded a gig or two of video to Vimeo as the coverage of the Survive or Thrive conference started to come through from Craig at Bexmedia who did the filming for us. I’ll be embedding it in various places over the weekend – there are some great talks and the videos capture them brilliantly so well worth a look.

Wednesday we had an all-day meeting at Bath Uni with the UKOLN gang. My team and the team at UKOLN have a ‘special relationship’ and this was an attempt to streamline and formalise some of the processes involved in managing that relationship. This was a slightly strange meeting for me as unlike most of my team my work doesn’t neatly map across to UKOLN activity and also I’ve only got 3 months left at the moment and the person I am covering for is back in a couple of weeks so noone, least of all me, was really sure where I fitted in to things. Nonetheless there are areas of activity I was interested in and will hopefully have some role with in the future assuming I stay around for another year. In particular there seems an opportunity to get involved on JISCs behalf around some of the stuff Brian and Marieke do around Institutional Web Management..

Thursday and Friday were the JISC All-hands meeting. This is the one time annually that the increasingly distributed JISC team gets together and talks about the future and (more so than ever this year) the challenges ahead. This was a bit odd for me as I’ve been absent for the last two (I was even made to stand up and introduce myself as a new member of staff despite knowing more people than almost anyone else and having been to more of the events than almost anyone else!).

In the early years I found it very useful as an opportunity to meet people in other teams/offices more than anything else but these days I pride myself on the fact I I know people pretty well in every team (expect our Policy team to be honest – I do have some gaps there and I need to try harder to meet people in that team.) It is still a good opportunity to have some conversations that there simply isn’t time for the rest of the year though. This year I also gave a talk on ‘Emerging Technologies’ – I had an hour to fill and about 40 people showed up (almost 50% of the entire delegate list..) and despite the fact I skirted around some areas I was a little unsure of (like games consoles which DK called me on!) it seemed to go OK – people particularly seemed to enjoy my last day of term style idea of showing a video to end the session. Thank Homer for TED Talks 🙂 [I’ve embedded the talk I showed below]

Next week I am in Glasgow for the Cetis Gathering event on Tuesday which I am very much looking forward to – even if I will be the least useful person there! I’ve also got a whole heap of notes from various events and meetings to write up and turn into reports and blogposts.

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