[JISC] Weeknote 21/33

Ouch – that was a tough week. After my week off I came back to work on Monday unusually enthusiastic and looking forward to getting on with a couple of new projects. By 9.30 Tuesday morning however that was pretty much shattered when I was given the news that I didn’t get the job at JISC to enable me to stay on for an additional year. It is fair to say I didn’t react well and I still retain some simmering disappointment but for the most part I’ve calmed down and am now looking forward to the future.

I am left in a curious situation though – I have about 9 working weeks left at JISC (I’m got some holiday booked as well as some events etc that will eat into my time) and at the moment I really don’t have a job of my own. I’m sure there will be plenty of things to do but it feels weird not to ‘own’ anything.

I had a really good ‘handover’ call with the person who I have been covering for these last 9 months and she is very much back in the saddle workwise – slipping back into things like she’d never been away. I was surprised at how much I had to say and I think we’ll probably need a couple more conversations before I have entirely downloaded everything about OER I’ve been thinking about.

I’m sure I did other things but to be honest the week kind of went by in a blur.

I’m not sure I’m going to carry on writing these ‘weeknotes’ now – certainly at the moment it is my intention to stop – at least until I get a new job at which point I’ll probably start up again. 21 weeks in a row of blogging was probably a personal record anyway and I figure my left over ‘cognitive surplus’ is going to be used up in my job hunt.

Next week I’m looking forward to spending a couple of days in Sheffield for IWMW and also to meet up with the GIST gang 🙂