Books vs eBooks in Newsweek

I really like this infographic via Newsweek – no idea if all the facts are correct I’ll admit but I totally agree with the sentiment. I have a real interest in the idea of eBooks and digital publishing in general (let us be honest – my main interest is digital comics!) and in a few days I will receive my new Kindle and then in a couple of weeks I’ll finally get hold of my iPad. Will ownership of these gadgets change my reading habits? Almost certainly. Will I stop buying books (and comics) entirely? Really can’t see that happening any time soon. That said maybe if I revisit this topic in a years time I’ll have a very different view but I am one of those rare people who still buys newspapers rather than relying on the web or app versions so there remains a place in my hard for the experience of reading something that is print and pulp..

books vs ebooks newsweek


  1. In the same way movies did not completely replace the theatre and television did not completely replace cinema, e-books will not replace paper books. They will enhance and enrich the “reading experience” but I am sure that people will buy paper books and e-books. If television is anything to go by, we might even see an increase in paper book sales in the same way television has had an impact on cinema attendance.


  2. I’m certainly in the camp that believes that book sales (whether ‘e’ or pulp) will go up as the eBooks move further into the mainstream.

    To be honest I’m mainly interested in the interactive, enhanced eBook ideas – like Inkling are proposing (along with the idea of chapter sales).

    If I was going to ALT-C I’d be in your session for sure – hope someone records it (hint, hint!)

  3. I think walkman vs. ipod comes in here, but first there are a number of usability issues to be addressed.
    1) can I drop it in the bath, dry it out in the oven and continue…
    2) Can I write notes, scribble out rubbish, or dedicate it to my beloved…
    3) Can I rediscover it on the shelf with a buttercup faded and flattened between the pages..
    4)Does it smell right..
    5) Will it sit on my shelf, dog eared and worn telling all the world of my eclectic taste…
    6) Will a memorial card to my father drop out of it as I unwrap it freshly arrived from a bookseller half the world away…

  4. well my place will forever smell like a second hand bookshop and be a testament to my less than eclectic but certainly comprehensive taste in books – I’m afraid I’m less of a romantic otherwise and I’m a shower not a bath kind of guy 🙂

    None of this will change with my Kindle – if the rest of my digital purchasing habits are anything to go by i’ll just end up with the same books in multiple formats!

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