Lanyrd Launches

Lanyrd is a new ‘social conference directory’ that was released out into the wild this morning and has already been a big hit on Twitter – which to be fair is very much the target market for the site.

Lanyrd first and foremost is an events calendar that offers one place to find out what is going on in conference-land – as such it is really going to depend on take-up to be successful. It isn’t the first app to try and replace the extremely creaky Upcoming – there is a genuine use case for this service but so far noone has captured the imagination enough to really make a go of it.

Judging by the immediate buzz on Twitter Lanyrd has every chance of making it happen and it deserves it as well. It is an incredibly usable and slick app that integrates with Twitter extremely smoothly. The social elements with being able to ‘attend’, ‘track’ or ‘crew’ an event are also extremely useful – one of the best features of Eventbrite for me has also been the ability to see who has signed up and this takes it to another level.

Adding an event took no time at all – I was able to create a listing for Be Bettr in a couple of minutes including adding speakers. I do wonder whether there needs to be some kind of ‘verified’ option for event organisers as at the moment anyone can add themselves or anyone else which might be a problem (not sure why or how if I’m honest!)

I’m already wondering if they have an API and whether there are any opportunities for us to hook Eventstreams in somehow – the ability to automatically add one of our events as a listing in Lanyrd would be cool – we already collect all the right information and also some way of accessing the attendees stuff would be a real winner.

Anyway congrats to the husband and wife team of Natimon – very cool stuff..