Book for Be Bettr

So slightly earlier than I planned I have opened up Be Bettr for registration. The first 20 tickets are £10 each (well £10.90 due to the Eventbrite fee). I might expand the number of ‘early bird’ tickets depending on the demand as I am only looking to cover the cost of the venue and would actually rather not have to deal with extra money left over!

I am really very pleased with the line-up of speakers who have agreed to come along. It is a nice mix of start-ups and people representing more established organisations (though all have their own take on how the work they are doing is helping to ‘hack’ education.)

It is always a nice position to be in when you get to invite people along because you want to hear what they have to say 🙂 So not surprisingly the line up is full of people I was interested in hearing from though hopefully I am typical enough in my interests that they will appeal to quite a few other people as well.

I am still working out exactly what the structure of the day will be like but I think it will be quite traditional on this occasion. I don’t think the venue lends itself too well to anything too complicated but I’m attending Playful in a couple of weeks so I’ll see what they get up to.

I’ll admit upfront that the lineup is a little more chap heavy than I would have liked – they were a couple of women speakers I had hoped to get to come along but they didn’t respond (or haven’t yet). The event is still a while away so maybe I’ll be able to sort that imbalance out by then.

Anyway I think it will be a fun and interesting day – I’m also hoping to arrange a little post event drink as well so if you are interested in ‘hacking education’, want to hear some inspiring stories and can spare a tenner book now.