Alpha anxiety

This afternoon I invited the first handful of people to test Eventstreams. This is a nervy moment it has to be said as while I am sure what Stef has built is of the highest quality there is nothing to say my initial idea won’t be ridiculed as a pointless waste of time!

Thankfully the initial feedback from Mike and Neil has been broadly positive and extremely helpful as both Stef and I have been suffering from a bit of ‘app blindness’ lately and a couple of pairs of fresh eyes have identified all manner of bugs to be squashed and tweaks to be, well, tweaked 🙂

Over the next week or two I’ll be inviting additional people to join the testing – if you are interested in having a play just follow @eventstreamsapp and once I follow you back (and I will asap) just DM me and I’ll add you to the invite list.

As this is still a side project for both of us we aren’t currently giving ourselves any deadlines but it does feel like we will be moving to a beta version MUCH earlier than I though. I’ll certainly feel comfortable in handing out the soon to be ordered Evenstreams stickers at Bathcamp at the end of October..I might even take a couple of Barcelona to give out at Drumbeat 🙂