The Jukesie job journey..Chapter XXIII

OK so 23 jobs might be an exaggeration but that is what it feels like!

So you might have picked up a certain tone from this blog in recent weeks that might be identified as mild panic 🙂

While a part of me has always been excited by the idea of freelance life and spending more time on projects like Eventstreams and Bettr a much bigger part of me knows full well that I am more effective and probably more comfortable doing my thing in the corner of the world where the public sector, higher education and research collide.

It is in this space where I understand the people and the politics (with a very little ‘p’) as well as having a grasp of the use cases that maybe I have to reach for elsewhere. It is also in this eager to make savings and changes sector that I think I have the best chance of convincing the powers that be of the importance and usefulness of the wider ‘open web’ agenda.

Anyway all this is just a preamble before I confirm that I will be joining the Medical Research Council as their new Digital Media Manager in mid-October. I’ll be based in Swindon (but no job is 100% perfect!) and I’ll be overseeing the external website including the CMS (Stellent I believe at the moment), the intranet, the burgeoning social web activity and anything else that fall under the umbrella of ‘digital’.

Obviously I have a pretty well established commitment to an ‘open’ agenda in general – particularly for the web – so I will be looking for opportunities to further that agenda wherever possible. Given that the support for ‘open’ and transparency online seems to be one of the few things that survived the change of government it shouldn’t be too difficult to at least find a couple of opportunities to do some interesting work in that area.

I’m also looking forward to working with a team properly again (especially as I will be involved in recruiting it). I wasn’t really at Becta long enough to feel like a part of the team and much as I have loved being back at JISC the nature of the Programme Manager job and the fact the vast majority of the team is based in London means while I did feel like a member of the team I didn’t feel like I got many of the benefits. It isn’t easy bouncing ideas off people 90 minutes away and the whole osmosis thing I have relied on for much of my career was absent. In fact all I seemed to get was conference calls and meetings!

Anyway it will be good to get back to what I love on a day to day basis. The challenges that big, content rich websites offer have always been something that I genuinely enjoy grappling with and this is going to give me a real opportunity to get properly involved again. Happy days!


  1. Matt,
    Great news! Congrats! Sounds like a pretty interesting job 🙂 Glad to hear you continuing the quest for more open systems. You know where we are if we can help at all 😉


  2. Cheers Matt – you know I’ll be in touch if the right project comes up…I’m hoping to get permission to come to a bit of PloneConf as well but the timing might be tough..

  3. Congratulations, Matt! I’m a few months into a similar web/digital comms role (for a local authority) after a year or so a way from my ‘comfort zone’. Here’s hoping your new job does as much for your sanity/happiness as this one has for mine…

  4. cheers mate – I am looking forward to a return to sanity (or closer to it anyway!)
    Glad you are settled with a webby gig as well – not an easy time to be a public sector web type!

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