Bathcamp 3 – The Tweed Knight

Yesterday I attended the third Bathcamp barcamp. This year it had returned to the Chapel Arts venue in the city centre rather than the departure to literally camping like last year in the middle of nowhere! It was also organised by the tweed-tastic Mr Julian Cheal this year – with Mike Ellis taking an advisory role rather than day to day involvement and it seemed to me that it was a great success again.

As has become my habit I basically spent the day around the fringe of the event – in fact this year I didn’t see a single talk I think from start to finish. I did however have an enormous amount of interesting and useful conversations with friends old and new, a (fair) few beers at a couple of local pubs each with very different atmospheres, some pizza and did a bit of heckling during Bathcamp Family Fortunes which I enjoyed.

The Family Fortunes quiz was pretty cool and an amazing feat of hackery (though it did go on a bit too long I think) and the AR Drone was a sight to behold (if some of the flying wasn’t too impressive!)

I do remain amazed at the energy of these events and the willingness of people to really work on their talks in advance and to be so open with their sharing of experiences – you would think I’d get used to it but I think I find it more impressive than ever.

There seemed to be alot of new faces this year as well which bodes well for the future and it will be interesting to see what Mike, Julian et al come up with for next year.

So congrats to Mr Cheal for a great achievement – hope today goes as well as yesterday and you enjoy your well earned day off tomorrow!