The Story So Far..[#drumbeat]

It is now Friday morning and the last full day of the Drumbeat Festival and I thought I’d jot down some general impressions so far.

It is certainly unlike any event I have ever been to before; part unconference, part hack day, some elements that feel like a proto-music festival or rave with just a touch of academic conference. If I’m honest it took me a little time to embrace the chaos but I’m glad I did.

The venue(s) set the scene – MACBA and FAD are not your usual venues and the public square between them has been invaded by marquees and buses (when they aren’t being towed by the policia).

The wifi is amazing – I’m hoping to speak to the guys who are managing that at some point as the connectivity at an event like this must be a nightmare to manage.

The ‘science fair’ on Wednesday evening was a great opportunity to meet friends old and new though the acoustics were a disaster so I couldn’t hear the great Joi Ito talk which was a shame.

I’ve blogged about sessions elsewhere and will also write a post about yesterdays closing talks which were great.

I’ve met people from Jordan, Australia, Norway, Germany, Canada, USA, Spain and Bristol 🙂 so far and have been amazed by the commitment and talent of so many people (and the age – my god I feel old here).

I’m going to try and step out of my comfort zone a bit today and try some other sessions – I also have a hit list of people I still want to meet before tomorrow.

Right back to business…