Farewell to Facebook..

..for a few weeks anyway.

Unlike alot of my more digitally minded friends and associates I’ve never had a problem with Facebook. Sure it has insanely over complicated privacy settings, and it knows far too much about everyone and you are never sure what they are doing with that data. The apps are irritating and the constant redesigns never really seem to improve anything but even given all that I have been a regular user since it first started letting you signup without a uni related address.

I have always been quite careful about who I ‘friend’ – my criteria being someone I have actually been for a drink with 🙂 This means I have never been overwhelmed with updates from randoms. I also never really joined many groups or indulged in apps so my stream was pretty basic and easily managed – I have also never been scared of the ‘hide’ option for people and on occasion have removed people from my stream if I wasn’t comfortable with their updates.

For a large group of my friends Facebook has over the last couple of years become their primary communication tool (and I would class myself in this group) and as such it became an invaluable part of my life but recently I have felt it was encroaching too much and too many of my relationships were reliant on it. I guess when I started using an iPhone it became just too easy to check and update regularly and as ‘smart’ phones became the default choice for most people the noise started to increase.

Anyway this is all a long-winded way of saying I am giving up Facebook for at least January (also booze as it happens!) and will also be looking hard at my Twitter usage after #bebettr (though I won’t quit that I will rethink how I use it). I am keen to spend less of my personal time online in 2011 – I have some quite analog ambitions this year – and while I’ll continue to try and blog here weekly I am going to try for more career / home separation.

None of my friends think I’ll be able to manage this – I’m not exactly know for my will power – but it should be interesting!


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