Eventstreams Evolution

Confession time – I have been useless recently regarding Eventstreams (Es). The latter months of 2010 ended up being dominated by the change of jobs, my work for Drumbeat and then the stress-fest that was Be Bettr. This meant I had very little head space left for anything else – even something as deserving and important to me as Es. Though the fact I did use Es to power the BeBettr site through its many, many changes does mean I am now something of a ‘power user’.

Thankfully while I may be rubbish Mr Goodchild is anything but. He has continued to tweak the app making incremental improvements and has kept the flag flying so to speak while I have been otherwise engaged.

Today was a big moment as the first ‘client’ site using Eventstreams as a platform but with a custom skin launched. Intersections is a;

A two-day conference at the Eden Project exploring the emerging trends driving business change and revealing new opportunities for design practice.

It is one part of a wider project being put together by our friends at the Grow Coop (they did the design with Stef implementing it on Es) and I think it already demonstrates the flexibility of the system. Side-by-side with BeBettr you can pick out the common elements but the designs couldn’t be more different – despite being driven by exactly the same tool.

There are still a few usability issues and I need to think hard about some of the labeling but I think this is more proof that we are on to something. I also have a couple of features I’ll be adding to Pivotal Tracker which I hope will really add to the offering.

I’d like to get one or two more conferences on board to be able to show a range of designs and different scale conferences and at some point I’m really going to need to lock in a business plan but now I have some space again I think it is really time to push on with this.

So if anyone fancies a really easy way to build and maintain a great conference website just give me a shout and we’ll see what we can do!

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