Open Educationy Jobs at Mozilla

At the moment there are a couple of great looking jobs being advertised by Mozilla that I thought I’d just highlight as there is a chance they might be of interest to readers of this blog (or at least friends/colleagues of readers of this blog!)..

Both positions are ‘Product Managers’ (but don’t get too hung up on the titles) and will have the opportunity to work on extremely interesting projects, alongside great people.

The Product Manager for School of Webcraft will be working alongside the brilliant Pippa and the successful candidate can be based anywhere – not just the US or Canada. Check out the job description – I think it looks great and is going to be an amazing opportunity for someone.

The second position is Product Manager for Hackasaurus where you will have the opportunity to work alongside Anna Debenham whose barnstorming presentations at the first Mozilla Drumbeat festival and Be Bettr were really eye-opening for me. Again the job can be based anywhere and it looks like another amazing opportunity. Check the job description it is worth the time.

Mozilla are one of the organisations that the more I learn about the more impressed I become. If I wasn’t only six months into a job I enjoy I think I’d take a punt on the Webcraft gig (though truth be told I’m not a great fit as I think they need someone more technical..) One day though I’d love to get an opportunity for work for the Foundation or Drumbeat. Not just yet though.


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