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  • Open Educationy Jobs at Mozilla

    At the moment there are a couple of great looking jobs being advertised by Mozilla that I thought I’d just highlight as there is a chance they might be of interest to readers of this blog (or at least friends/colleagues of readers of this blog!).. Both positions are ‘Product Managers’ (but don’t get too hung […]

  • Drumbeat 2011 – Media, Freedom and the Web

    Alongside landing my job with the MRC probably my best experience last year (at least relevant to this blog) was my involvement as a blogger and conference attendee at the Mozilla Drumbeat Festival in Barcelona. I met a whole heap of interesting people and had a great time exploring Barcelona for the first time as […]

  • My plans at Mozilla Drumbeat Festival

    Obviously this is entirely destined to fall apart as soon as I touch down in Barca and actually start bumping into people etc but at the moment this is my best attempt to schedule my days at the Festival. I actually get to Barcelona on the Tuesday afternoon so hopefully will have time to do […]

  • Can you hear the [Drumbeat] Fernando?

    With apologies to the Swedish pop legends for the title but it seemed appropriate 🙂 Amongst the various bits of good news this week was the fact I have been accepted to be a volunteer publicity blogger for the Mozilla Drumbeat Festival. In return for writing a few blogposts (which will be cross posted here […]

  • Sound of the Drumbeat

    For a couple of reasons this week the Mozilla Drumbeat project popped back onto my radar after a brief previous blip a while ago when it was first announced. This time I have had a proper look and the more I learn the more interested in it I get. As anyone who has read this […]