Can you hear the [Drumbeat] Fernando?

With apologies to the Swedish pop legends for the title but it seemed appropriate 🙂

Amongst the various bits of good news this week was the fact I have been accepted to be a volunteer publicity blogger for the Mozilla Drumbeat Festival. In return for writing a few blogposts (which will be cross posted here and at the Festival blog) and a few tasks while I’m in Barcelona I got my conference fees waived which is nice. I’d already booked to go anyway and would have been blogging anyway so it is a nice bonus.

In some ways though the real prize is that I’m going to be able to do some blog interview type things – whether by email, IM or other tool with some of the speakers and attendees. I’m really looking forward to this and it will make quite a nice change from the usual sort of things I write. There are LOADS of really interesting people lined up to speak and as many of them are on my radar anyway due to their involvement with ‘open education’ so it should be fun. I was thinking I might do a bit of a FUKOER theme – I have a feeling that Brian, Scott, David and Nathan will be there and I know for a fact that Pippa and Mary-Lou will be and I’m wondering if anyone else who came to the Theodore Bullfrog that night might be around.

There are four of us acting as bloggers for the Festival and amazingly one of the others is also from Bristol. The other guy is Phil Sturgeon – I don’t think we’ve met but I get the impression we have similar attitudes towards the occasional drink so we might have been at the same event (or pub) without realising. Hopefully we’ll meet up before we actually get to Barca – I think we are both attending the Bathcamp Barcamp anyway.

There doesn’t seem to be a common tag in use for the event at the moment – I’m guessing it is going to just be #mozilladrumbeat but that is a bit of a character hog for Twitter. I’ll stick with it for now though.

Anyway I’m really looking forward to doing this – I think I might have to ease off at least one of my other projects during October though to concentrate on the new job and this work.

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