Simon Buckingham Shum [mozilladrumbeat]

[as with my other Mozilla Drumbeat posts this can be found originally on the Festival site – I broke the new rules this time and convinced the editorial team to publish it in full as I really enjoyed Simons answers and didn’t see an easy way to condense them..] Given its name it is probably…… Continue reading Simon Buckingham Shum [mozilladrumbeat]

When Drumbeat met the School of Everything

[originally on the Mozilla Drumbeat Festival blog] There can’t be many start-ups out there who have a mission more in tune with the aims of the Mozilla Drumbeat Festival than School of Everything. Launched in the summer of 2008 it was built around the belief that ‘everyone has something to learn and everyone has something…… Continue reading When Drumbeat met the School of Everything

Q and A with Brian Lamb for Mozilla Drumbeat Festival

[this post was originally published at Brian Lamb is a ‘Strategist and Discoordinator’ at the University of British Columbia and one of the mainstays of the Open Education Conference. He was also instrumental in coining the term ‘edupunk’ (for better or worse!). He is in Barcelona primarily for OpenEd where as well as being…… Continue reading Q and A with Brian Lamb for Mozilla Drumbeat Festival

Trying out AirBnB..

I’ve decided to try a bit of an experiment with my arrangements for my travel to the Drumbeat Festival. While I did succumb to the cheapness of a SleazyJet flight rather than my original idea of getting the train to Barcelona I am determined to get out of my comfort zone with the rest of…… Continue reading Trying out AirBnB..

Can you hear the [Drumbeat] Fernando?

With apologies to the Swedish pop legends for the title but it seemed appropriate 🙂 Amongst the various bits of good news this week was the fact I have been accepted to be a volunteer publicity blogger for the Mozilla Drumbeat Festival. In return for writing a few blogposts (which will be cross posted here…… Continue reading Can you hear the [Drumbeat] Fernando?