Trying out AirBnB..

I’ve decided to try a bit of an experiment with my arrangements for my travel to the Drumbeat Festival. While I did succumb to the cheapness of a SleazyJet flight rather than my original idea of getting the train to Barcelona I am determined to get out of my comfort zone with the rest of the trip a bit.

The main thing towards this is rather than book a hotel as I was planning I have booked a room via AirBnB which essentially means I’ll be occupying the spare room of a couple for a couple of days! I don’t think I would have ever considered this before my short spell of being a Monday-Thursday lodger last year and even though I’ve been aware of the service since it first started a couple of years ago (when, not surprisingly, it was mainly San Francisco based) it isn’t something that has really been on my radar.

That said I’ve heard it mentioned a couple of times lately and decided to take the plunge. It has been a very slick process and I’ll be staying in a neighbourhood that would have been way out of my budget hotel-wise – and to be honest if the room is half as nice as it looks in the pictures that will be a big step up from usual as well! The ‘host’ has been brilliant with communications immediately and the amount of recommendations gives me confidence as well.

Another thing I’m determined to stick to which is something I’ve done in the past but let slip more recently is stick to walking or public transport. Basically no taxis. I think you get a much better feel for a city this way and despite some warnings about pickpockets and street robberies I reckon I’m going to take my chances.

I’m also going to go lightweight tech wise. I’m going to see if I can get my netbook working with Jolicloud finally and just see if I can get by with that and any free wifi I can find (the apartment I am staying in does have wifi which is a plus!) along with an old Nokia rather than my iPhone.

I think I’ll be kept busy with the Festival – though I have no real idea of the timings for anything – so I’m not sure what the opportunities for sight-seeing are going to be but I have decided to stick to WikiTravel as my main guide as an open wiki option seems appropriate given my purpose for traveling. It has already introduced me to Udon, a local version of Wagamamas, so I won’t starve.

One thing that is going to be the same as usual is I have already researched Irish and Brit pubs – I leopard never really changes his spots.

Now I just need to sort my passport!