(the Day Job) Paper producing machine..

..is what I seem to have become 🙂 After 9 months in my current job I am finally starting to feel like I am delivering on the possibilities I sold the panel in my interview.

At the moment though a considerable amount of this seems to be producing papers – whether they be visions, strategies, guidelines, propositions or proposals I seem to be churning them out. As usual I feel like I am lucky to work in a profession where those smarter than me share their work freely so I never really started completely with a blank screen. I’ve been heavily influenced by the work at BIS and Department of Health in particular as well as inspired by some of the activity coming from Wellcome. So thanks to all involved at those organisations.

The main achievements are that I have an overarching Digital Strategy now that I am pretty proud of though it walks a fine line between helpful and vague(!), a new version of the Social Media Guidelines I’ve used in a few places that I think are much improved after some constructive criticism and a proposal for a major project for the rest of this financial year that was born out of some problems but has actually left us with something with more potential I think. [once everything gets signed off by the powers that be I’ll opening share all my stuff as well under Creative Commons]

Also I have had a successful recruitment and the person coming on board is going to bring a really impressive and complimentary skillset to my little team and allow us to undertake some interesting projects that I was maybe a little shy of taking on if we didn’t get the right person.

Something else I am pretty pleased with as well is the fact that, inspired by Neil’s recent post, I managed to create a single slide diagram that pretty much describes what I am trying to achieve and who our audiences actually are. This was a bit of a bolt from the blue (especially my two mega-categories for audience) as all my previous attempts left people more confused!

A different stream of work has me learning more and more about WordPress than I ever thought I’d need to know and to be honest I’ve been loving that and it has made a nice distraction from the more formal writing. My admiration for the WooThemes Canvas theme just grows and grows as well!

All-in-all despite a couple of dark days recently I couldn’t be happier in this job still (and as much as anything this post is to remnd me of that!)

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