GDS on the hunt for Product Managers

OK lets be honest someone at GDS is having some kind of laugh with me and planting subliminal messages or something. Just a few days after my writing a post saying I wanted to identify some training opportunities to focus more on being a public sector Product Manager (and almost exactly a year since I first mused on the subject of bringing Product Management thinking to public sector digital work) GDS starts recruiting for essentially my dream job (well apart from the London bit!).

I’m pretty sure the £90k (!) salary is a red herring and that actually includes the value of things like the pension contributions, additional holidays, potential bonuses etc but nevertheless it is a pretty compelling package for someone out there (actually five someones) and I wouldn’t be surprised if it tempted some of the higher profile consultants in this space back into the fold.

The job description sounds brilliant, on the face if I’d have to say it focuses on all the elements of my job I most enjoy – and the rumor around Twitter seems to be that additional developers will seem be brought in-house at GDS as well and considering the quality of the people already recruited that is likely to mean working with some real talent to make some serious contributions to Government on the web.

Back in May when I was lucky enough to get an early view of the ‘Alphagov’ product I said that the;

government [is] going to need a proper in-house multi-disciplanary web team (like say the BBC or the Guardian)

and here we are just six months or so later seeing real in-roads into that team being built (something I really didn’t think would happen if I am honest.)

I’ll be watching with interest once again to see who gets these roles and how they carve up responsibilities. It is another great step forward and is one of those rare times where I wish I was based in London only a little though!)

**Update** just been pointed out to me on Twitter that the Dev jobs are already advertised (12 of them!) as well as a couple of UX and Sys-admin gigs. Just go to and select ‘Cabinet Office’.

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