Multiple Mozilla Meetups :)

Mozilla have always had a number of staff based in the UK but have just opened an official office in London for the first time near Covent Garden.

To celebrate this they have organised a little programme of fun events during May to ‘introduce’ themselves to the local developer & open web communities.

The events are all on the Mozilla London page on Lanyrd – I’ll be heading along to the ‘open day’ as I’ll be in London anyway and I’m hoping to get along to the bowling as well.

As I tend to tell anyone who will listen Mozilla is *much* more than Firefox (not that there is anything wrong with FF) and the Foundation has some amazing plans for a campaign around getting people to learn to be a ‘Webmaker’ this summer that I think will appeal to a lot of people I know.

Despite having to step away from my official ‘Mozilla Rep’ role due to time constraints and also having real doubts about the whole ‘Open Badges’ thing I still think Mozilla do amazing work and the tools people like Jess, Atul and Laura are working on to support the campaign really are amazing.

So if you are in or near London in May and fancy some geeky fun I really do recommend you try to pop along to at least one of these events.

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