Personal privacy progress

About six months ago I wrote a post about the steps online I was going to take post the initial PRISM revelations. I thought I would revisit it quickly and just see where I am now. At the time I said; In place at the moment I use; – Ghostery – to block tracking tools…… Continue reading Personal privacy progress

ZTE Open and closed

When I saw a tweet from @mozilla announcing that the FirefoxOS powered phone, the ZTE Open, was going to go on sale in the UK for a limited time (via eBay of all things!) I admit I was pretty excited. I jumped online minutes after they went on sale and was one of the (relatively)…… Continue reading ZTE Open and closed

Mozilla Science Lab lives!

Ever since I saw this job ad back in November I have been waiting to see where Mozilla went with this idea of a science outreach arm to join the great work happening around education and open journalism. Despite not having a scientific bone in my body (well apart from a liking for the fictional…… Continue reading Mozilla Science Lab lives!

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