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  • Learning about open leadership

    Learning about open leadership

    My favourite principle from GDS is the tenth; Make things open – it makes things better  Some might suggest I embraced this concept before GDS were a twinkle in Martha’s eye 🙂 It was something I encouraged at Jisc setting up their blog network and back in the mists of time I remember Joss Winn […]

  • Personal privacy progress

    About six months ago I wrote a post about the steps online I was going to take post the initial PRISM revelations. I thought I would revisit it quickly and just see where I am now. At the time I said; In place at the moment I use; – Ghostery – to block tracking tools […]

  • ZTE Open and closed

    When I saw a tweet from @mozilla announcing that the FirefoxOS powered phone, the ZTE Open, was going to go on sale in the UK for a limited time (via eBay of all things!) I admit I was pretty excited. I jumped online minutes after they went on sale and was one of the (relatively) […]

  • Why I am (still) not learning to code..

    Over the last couple of years it has become de rigueur for all and sundry (at least in my corner of the world) to announce that they are going to learn to code. They sign up for Codeacademy or one of the many other online tools and beaver away learning basic Javascript, Python or some […]

  • Mozilla Science Lab lives!

    Ever since I saw this job ad back in November I have been waiting to see where Mozilla went with this idea of a science outreach arm to join the great work happening around education and open journalism. Despite not having a scientific bone in my body (well apart from a liking for the fictional […]