Mozilla Science Lab lives!


Ever since I saw this job ad back in November I have been waiting to see where Mozilla went with this idea of a science outreach arm to join the great work happening around education and open journalism.

Despite not having a scientific bone in my body (well apart from a liking for the fictional kind) I have spent the better part of my professional life working on behalf of scientists and researchers really – ESRC, Jisc and the MRC have all in particular been deeply involved in the open access movement at one time or another and you get a certain amount of insight just by osmosis!

My support for Mozilla is well documented on this blog and I believe their Webmaker stuff is growing into something truly impressive, albeit something I find less and less able to contribute, so I have high expectations for this programme as well.

I think the chances are that will be the case as they have chosen well with Kay Thaney leading this work. I don’t know Kay but I have attended a couple of events she organised and read her blog and Twitter over the years and she clearly has the know-how and connections to really make things happen.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this work and hope there will be some space for it around the Mozilla Festival later this year.

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