Cookies climb down?

It seems that the ICO, in their infinite wisdom, have decided that the constant barrage of complaints from just about everyone involved in the web industry about the new Cookie law might well contain a kernel of truth. As such less than 48 hours before the law was/is due to be enforced they have made a pretty radical alteration to the wording of the regulations.

These changes mean that ‘implied consent‘ is now valid – which pretty much makes the whole issue the users responsibility (same as it ever was?). This removes the potential flood of permissions pop-ups all over the web.

To be honest it seems pretty sensible and the fear of the new law had certainly made a lot of people think about how and why they use cookies on their sites – I don’t agree the recent little burst of publicity has done much to make users aware of the issues but it certainly has got website owners thinking at least.

The timing of the change is remarkable though – it comes just days after sites like the BBC & the FT implemented their solutions (at no small cost I would imagine) and with many smaller businesses and organisations scrambling to implement solutions that are no longer needed.

Makes me glad we took a more ‘measured’ approach and followed the advice from GDS which nicely chimed with some recent words from Boagworld.

I still don’t think this whole saga is finished and will be watching to see what happens next!

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