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A couple of weeks ago I can across the idea of Iron Blogger via Michelle Thorne (not that one!) on Twitter and I have to say a ‘beer and blogging’ club seemed like a good idea to me. You can learn more about the idea from Mako who kickstarted this most recent ‘remix’ but the basic reasons come down to;

Because you you should blog more.
Because there’s no motivation like peer pressure.
Because doing things for beer is never a bad idea.

There are Rules the only one of which needs serious thought is the escrow issue. I’m not keen on holding peoples money! Plus a fiver seems like alot in real money (i.e. not US$) but Berlin stuck with 5euros?

Anyway Hayles and I were thinking it might be a fun idea and one or 2 other folk have expressed an interest so I’m throwing this out there to be if there is anyone else up for it? If so we’ll set something up properly.


So far we have;


**update the second**

Joe and Gez have joined the party now as well which seems like enough to get going!

and me..any more for anymore?

3 responses to “Iron Blogger Bristol”

  1. Seeing as I promised myself i’d write 100 things about ebooks and publishing… think i’d better join the gang… is iron named after a Wu flick?… i hope so

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