Three of a kind [020613]

Oh my god, don’t make things for “Everyone.”

Dan Sinker heads up the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews project for Mozilla and I’ve been reading alot about that project recently and finding Source, their digital journalism magazine, particularly interesting. This was a personal post though and one that resonates with me as I’m currently knee deep in personas and audience research. Also Karen Berger is a hero of mine and I tend to think Dan DiDio is ruining my favourite comic book universe 🙂

A sobering day

This is an extremely honest post that details how a few outposts of the FT digital estate were compromised due to a pretty sophisticated hack. It goes to show that even organisations with alot of skilled staff and considerable security protocols in place can still succumb if the attack is well planned.

How Dave Goldberg of SurveyMonkey Built a Billion-Dollar Business and Still Gets Home By 5:30 PM

I always enjoy these posts that go some way to puncturing the myths around start-up culture (there was another great one this week from Alex Payne). To some extent the title is a bit misleading as Goldberg might head home by 5.30 but he is back working by 8 each evening. Still its an interesting read about a very different take on that Silicon Valley culture that so often gets held up as *the* way to do things from a guy who runs a hugely successful company.

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