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  • Lotsa luverly links [01/2021]

    An occasional tab clear out to see it it clears my head out a bit as well! Great Twitter thread on what good tech job ads need and it isn’t details about their access to lunchtime ping-pong or the fact your CEO goes barefoot 😉 NHSBSA have launched their new ‘digital strategy’ – it is […]

  • Words to live by..

    This post is mainly a reminder to myself of the links to these articles about some of my favourite ‘principles’ / ‘rules’ that I quote a lot and then fail to find when I need to – they are about writing and leadership (because really what else do I do at this point but write […]

  • A Fistful of Links (1)

    A Fistful of Links (1)

    I was going to do this as a newsletter – that seems to be the thing to do these days but I do fear that is the new tree falls in a forest conundrum : If you write a newsletter and nobody subscribes did it really send. So I know at least one or two […]

  • Three links – August 25

    How To Build a High-Performing Digital Team As someone expending a lot of energy at the moment trying to build a digital team I found this article interesting and agree with the majority of it. Much as I hate the ‘dog food’ term I think (5) is hugely important. I’m always looking for people who […]

  • Three links – August 18

    The Difference Between Infographics And Their Simpler Cousins I like this article mainly because I have been talking about the difference between ‘infographics’ and ‘posters’ (in the academic sense I am familiar with) since I started at the day job. I agree with the author that arguing over the definitions is pointless (and frustrating) but […]