Three links – August 25

How To Build a High-Performing Digital Team

As someone expending a lot of energy at the moment trying to build a digital team I found this article interesting and agree with the majority of it. Much as I hate the ‘dog food’ term I think (5) is hugely important. I’m always looking for people who embrace the digital lifestyle beyond the 9 til 5. I don’t expect them to be as OTT with it all as me but I like to see something. I’ve linked to something similar from Tim Lloyd before and think between the two posts there is really something useful in outlining tactics for building digital teams.

Nate Silver addresses assembled statisticians at this year’s JSM

Given my current employers I have started to take more notice of the world of statistics pretty much since I was offered the gig back in January. Given my absolute lack of mathematical knowledge this isn’t always easy! Occasionally I stumble on something that helps me understand a little more and this blogpost covering a recent talk from Nate Silver was one of those times. I have followed Silver a bit since he rose to prominence after his US election predictions and I think he does a good job of making things at least a little accessible.

The Truth About Marissa Mayer: An Unauthorized Biography

This is not a two minute read – it is a proper long form profile of someone I think is extremely interesting. Mayer has had an amazing career and seems to be a pretty complex character. On the one hand an overly academic, cold, robot obsessed with data and details. On the other a publicity hound who splashes cash openly and throws huge parties for the great and the good in California. Can she ‘save’ Yahoo? I have no idea but she certainly seems to have got people talking about them again one way or another.

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