Lotsa luverly links [01/2021]

An occasional tab clear out to see it it clears my head out a bit as well!

Great Twitter thread on what good tech job ads need and it isn’t details about their access to lunchtime ping-pong or the fact your CEO goes barefoot 😉

NHSBSA have launched their new ‘digital strategy’ – it is pleasingly people-centric without skirting the fact that technology is at the heart of it (and that without tackling organisation design then it is unlikely to succeed).

One of the things I find endlessly interesting is just how similar the public service digital challenges are in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere (these are the countries I have visited and where I’ve spoken to teams). This article by Sean Boots – Onerous Levels of Oversight – could definitely be referring to any number of UK IT projects in recent years and the response to their problems. So often the answer is MORE oversight rather than BETTER oversight.

This Twitter thread is a goldmine of evidence about the power of diverse teams. It is by the founder of Applied – one of the few hiring platforms out there that I don’t hate!

Love this post about the constant attempts by organisations to hire the mythical, unicorn product manager. A professional with such a skillset they make Liam Neeson seem unprepared. For the record I reckon I am good at maybe five things on the list included and can do a decent impression of someone who is for another four or five. That is it.

It is wonderful to see that DfE have packaged up and made their Design History product open for other teams. I am a big fan – it is a great way of documenting the evolution of a product and the decisions and trade-offs that were made – especially in an era where teams change so often.

This is one of those stories that you have to double-check isn’t on The Onion or something – rather than move their forms to HTML/Javascript when Adobe finally shut down Flash the South African government built their own browser.

Giles always talks sense and here he is bigging up the benefits of bad first drafts. I mean I’ve made a career out of pretty ropey first/final drafts but he ain’t wrong!

For ‘reasons’ I’m really interested in the work GDS are doing on GOV.UK Accounts and this walk through some of their early technical ideas and decisions was really useful.

Amazing opportunity for someone to be the new Executive Director of Code for Canada. I’m a big fan of their work (and the team itself) so am excited to see who gets the role.

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  1. Hi Matt, is the Twitter thread link missing from the first para? Not being nitpicky – it actually sounds exactly like what I need to read this week 😁

    Cheers man, hope you’re OK, sounds like some rough times at the mo. All the strengths to you 🐅

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